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Covid-19 Vaccination consent form and registration:


Covid-19 TESTING NOW AVAILABLE https://hipaa.jotform.com/210464676190154

Alpha Pharmacy is providing COVID-19 RAPID ANTIGEN and ANTIBODY testing Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm and on Saturday from 9am to 12pm.  Our COVID-19 test provides you with results in about 15 minutes. COVID-19 testing costs $95 for the ANTIGEN test and $85 for the ANTIBODY test. AT THIS TIME, DUE TO DEMAND AND BILLING MECHANISMS, WE CANNOT BILL MEDICAL INSURANCES DIRECTLY. However, upon request we can provide the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company manually for reimbursement.

Prescription Delivery:

How you take your medicines is central to your overall health and well being. This can be complicated by busy daily routines, difficulty in filling prescriptions and variations in understanding the directions. Allow us to simplify this process with our FREE prescription delivery service. Skip the trip to the pharmacy by requesting delivery and your medication will be hand-delivered to you. Our pharmacists will always be available for questions and medication advice.

Prescription Auto-Refill:

One of our goals is to provide a transformative health experience that improves our customers’ quality of life. Therefore, we offer prescription auto-refill services to our customers to ensure they do not run out of medication. You can register for our automatic prescription refill service when you visit our store. Once you register your prescription, we will automatically refill your prescription on time. 

Prescription Refill Reminder Call:

To help you manage your busy schedules and stay on top of your health, we offer a refill reminder system. Our automated prescription reminder system will alert you with a reminder to refill your prescriptions before you run out. Once you enroll and sign up for reminders, a text or phone call recording is sent to keep you on track with necessary supplies and medications.

Adherence Packaging:

Taking medications as prescribed is important for your health and overall well-being. But with dose changes, regimen changes and other barriers, keeping up with multiple medications can be a challenge. That’s why Alpha Pharmacy offers Adherence Packaging for all your medications. This simple solution makes it easier for our valued customers to take their medications and stay on their path to better health without missing a day. The store team will align your prescription into prefilled medicine boxes for your daily doses which you can carry around easily. 


Alpha Pharmacy believes immunization saves lives. A healthy immune system acts as a barrier to stop invaders or antigens from entering the body. Thus, the more people who are vaccinated, the fewer people will be infected. For that reason, we offer personalized immunization and vaccinations plans considering factors like your age and health conditions to keep you and your family safe. 

Medication Synchronization:

Complicated medication regimens and busy schedules can lead to people missing their regular dose of medicines. Alpha Pharmacy has steadfast loyalty with our customers for their betterment and well-being. We provide a Medication Synchronization service that allows you to pick up all of your ongoing prescription refills at the pharmacy on a single, convenient day. Our committed pharmacists will work closely with you to ensure you stick to your medication regimen. 

Medication Therapy Management:

Alpha Pharmacy aims to optimize therapeutic outcomes and help patients get the most benefit from their medications. Our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) service encourages patients to be active participants in their health care, empowering them to be more knowledgeable and responsible for their health and medication use. Our proficient pharmacists are working diligently to provide MTM to make sure your medication is right and suitable for you and your health condition.

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